Happy New Year! As we look ahead, lets also reflect back on a great year of metal. Compiled with the assistance of Abyss and Pestilence, this Barking Chicken Production represents some of the best 2009 had to offer.

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2009: Pestilent Famine Abyss
01 Blood Tsunami - Laid To Waste
02 Asphyx - Eisenbahnmörser
03 Converge – Wishing Well
04 Slayer – Beauty Through Order
05 Candlemass – Demon Of The Deep
06 Hypocrisy – Solar Empire
07 Napalm Death - On The Brink Of Extinction
08 Megadeth – 44 Minutes
09 My Dying Bride - Echoes From A Hollow Soul
10 The Chasm – Fiery Rebirth
11 Goatwhore – The All-Destroying
12 Woods of Ypres – Wet Leather
13 Devin Townsend Project – Numbered!
14 Between The Buried And Me – Fossil Genera



I was recently worshipping distortion and feedback at an Eyehategod show when I was reminded of their forerunners, Saint Vitus, a highly influential American doom metal band from Los Angeles. Saint Vitus have been regarded as one of the first bands of the genre, along with Pentagram and Trouble. The band was formed in 1979 under the name Tyrant, with Scott Reagers (vocals), Dave Chandler (guitar), Mark Adams (bass), and Armando Acosta (drums), but soon changed their name to Saint Vitus after the song "St. Vitus' Dance" by Black Sabbath. This Barking Chicken Production focuses exclusively on the material with vocalist Scott Reagers before and after he was replaced by Wino. Many of these tunes date back to the late 1970s, but were not released until 1984 and 1985. This, my friends, is DOOOM.

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Saint Vitus – Dooom
01 Burial At Sea
02 White Magic / Black Magic
03 War Is Our Destiny
04 Mystic Lady
05 White Stallions
06 The Psychopath
07 Prayer For The Masses
08 Darkness
09 The Walking Dead
10 Dark World
11 Let The End Begin



Hypocrisy is a death metal band from Sweden formed in 1990 by Peter Tägtgren. Prior to starting the band, Tägtgren spent three years in Fort Lauderdale immersed in the exploding Florida death metal scene. Hypocrisy's early releases were noted as being well-executed death metal, but panned for not being particularly innovative. That criticism waned as the band matured and cultivated a more distinctive, atmospheric sound. This release compiles some of the highlights from the band’s revered catalog.

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Hypocrisy – Killing Art
01 Osculum Obscenum
02 The Fourth Dimension
03 Roswell 47
04 Killing Art
05 Adjusting The Sun
06 Request Denied
07 Fractured Millennium
08 Elastic Inverted Visions
09 Apocalyptic Hybrid
10 Fire In The Sky
11 The Abyss
12 Scrutinized
13 Craving For Another Killing
14 Weed Out The Weak
15 The Quest
16 Sky Is Falling Down



Novembers Doom formed in 1989 as the death/thrash metal band Laceration. Gradually the band began to change their sound towards a heavier, slower style, at which point the name Novembers Doom was adopted as the band members felt it more suited their style. In 2005, the band turned the corner from doom to death with ‘The Pale Haunt Departure’. Novembers Doom has since continued down this path with the release of ‘The Novella Reservoir’ in 2007 and ‘Into Night's Requiem Infernal’ 2009. This Barking Chicken Production focuses on these three albums which were all mixed by Dan Swanö and characterized by epic, dynamic death metal anthems. Alone, each of these albums shows promise, but broken down and resurrected as ‘The Pale Reservoir Infernal’, this material is comparable to melodic, progressive death classics released by Edge Of Sanity and Opeth. This one is for Fitzy.

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Novembers Doom - The Pale Reservoir Infernal
01 The Voice Of Failure
02 Eulogy For The Living Lost
03 The Novella Reservoir
04 Empathy's Greed
05 They Were Left To Die
06 The Pale Haunt Departure
07 Rain
08 Collapse Of The Fallen Throe
09 Dark World Burden
10 Drown The Inland Mere



Bathory was formed by Quorthon in Stockholm, Sweden in 1983. They are regarded as pioneers of both black metal and Viking metal. In 1988 Bathory released their fourth album ‘Blood Fire Death’ which began the transition from black metal to Viking metal. With the release of ‘Hammerheart’ in 1990, Bathory formally introduced the metal world to the archetypal Viking metal album. The epic style of ‘Hammerheart’ was further demonstrated on the subsequent ‘Twilight Of The Gods.’ This Barking Chicken Production focuses exclusively on material from these three albums. It is impossible to deny the influence this Viking-obsessed period of Bathory's history had on metal. These albums were the blueprint followed by Enslaved, Amon Amarth and many others that followed in Bathory’s footsteps.

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Bathory – Viking Kvlt
01 Oden’s Ride Over Nordland > A Fine Day to Die
02 Shores In Flames
03 Blood And Iron
04 Baptised In Fire And Ice
05 One Rode To Asa Bay
06 Blood Fire Death
07 Twilight Of The Gods

One need only read the lyrics of “One Rode To Asa Bay” to get an idea of where Quorthon’s head was at during this period. The parallel between black metal and Viking metal is clear.


One man rode the way through the woods
Down to Asa Bay
Where dragon ships had sailed to sea
More times than one could say
To see with own eyes the wonder
People told of from man to man
The God of all almightyness
Had arrived from a foreign land

The rumours told of a man
Who had come from the other side the seas
Carrying gold cross around neck in chain
And spoke in strange tongue of peace
He had come with strange men in armour
Dressed in purple shirts and lace
Smelling not of beer but flowers
And with no hair in face

And the bold man carrying cross
Had told all one of Asa Bay
The God of all man woman child had come
To them all save
And to thank Lord of Heaven
One should build to God a house
And to save one's soul from Hell
One should be baptised and say vows

A man of pride with the Hammer told new God
To build his house on own
And spoke loud of the Gods of their fathers
Not too long time gone
The rumours said the man with a beard like fire
And the Hammer in chain
By men in armour silenced was and by
Their swords was slain

Those who did not pay the one coin
Of four to man of new God
Whipped was twenty and put in chains then locked
By their neck to the log
And so all of Asa Bay did build
A house of the cross
Every hour of daylight they did sweat
Limbs ached because faith does cost

And on the day two hundred
There it stood white to the sky
The house of the God of the cross
Big enough to take two dragon ships inside
And all of Asa Bay did watch
The wonder raise to the sky
Now must the God of the cross be pleased
And satisfied

Just outside the circle of the crowd
One old man did stand
He looked across the waters
And blotted the sun out of his eyes with one hand
And his old eyes could almost see
The dragon ships set sail
And his old ears could almost hear
Men of great numbers call out Oden's hail

And though he did know already
Though he turned face towards sky
And whispered silent words forgotten
Spoken only way up high
Now this house of a foreign God does stand
Now must they leave us alone
Still he heard from somewhere in the woods
Old crow of wisdom say
People of Asa land, it's only just begun . . .



Anacrusis was a progressive / thrash metal band from St. Louis, MO. Active from 1986 to 1993, they were so far ahead of their time that we still haven’t caught up with them. All of the studio albums plus remixes, demos and other outtakes are available for free download from the band’s website, anacrusis.us.

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Anacrusis - Assembly
01 Wrong
02 Misshapen Intent
03 Paint A Picture
04 Something Real
05 Still Black
06 Far Too Long
07 Our Reunion
08 My Souls Affliction
09 Tools Of Separation
10 I Love The World
11 Sound The Alarm



Call them a jam band if you must, but improvisational progressive rock would be a more accurate description. During an interview, guitarist Al Schnier was asked to describe moe. for those who have never heard their music: "It's an amalgamation of a wide variety of the history of rock, all regurgitated and recycled through the eyes, ears, hands, whatever of the guys in our band and all of that with a sense of adventure, a sense of humor, also a constant desire to push the envelope. All in this arena of taking chances, improvising live, and making things up on the spot." In a remarkable career that's touched upon three decades and produced 17 albums, the quintet continues to push the standard for performance art. This Barking Chicken Production includes a few highlights from moe.’s recent two night stand at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on July 25 and July 26, 2009.

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01 George
02 The Road > Blue Jeans Pizza > The Road
03 Head > Interstellar Overdrive > Head

You can get soundboards of the complete shows here:

Moe. > July 25, 2009 > Hampton Beach, NH

Moe. > July 26, 2009 > Hampton Beach, NH



Canada's Voivod is one of the most unique metal bands in the multiverse. The band's science fiction themes are complimented by Piggy's bizarre riffs and Away’s twisted artwork. After a string of groundbreaking albums that evolved from thrash to progressive metal, Voivod lost Blacky and then Snake. Then after two albums as a three-piece with Eric Forrest on bass and vocals, all went dark in the Voivod camp. Years later, when plans were made to reunite with Snake and launch Voivod Mark III with Jason Newsted on bass, expectations were high. Unfortunately, the three albums produced by this lineup -- Voivod (2003), Katorz (2006) and Infini (2009) -- failed to live up to expectations. This is partly due to the fact that Piggy tragically died from cancer before the completion of ‘Katorz’. Considering that the last two releases were put together from recordings that Piggy made before he died, these albums amount to little more than demos of what might have been. ‘Polarized’ is an attempt to weed through these demos to compile a final Voivod album that is true to the sound and style of the classics. R.I.P. Piggy.

Voivod – Polarized
01 Global Warning
02 Polaroids
03 The Multiverse
04 Dognation
05 Strange & Ironic
06 Room With A V.U.
07 Red My Mind
08 Invisible Planet
09 In Orbit
10 Divine Sun
11 God Phones



This Barking Chicken Production is a compilation of new Phish tracks recorded live at recent shows, many of which are expected to appear on the upcoming studio album, 'Joy'.

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Phish 3.0 Beta
01 Backwards Down The Number Line

02 Kill Devil Falls

03 Ocelot

04 Twenty Years Later

05 Let Me Lie

06 Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan

07 Sugar Shack

08 Joy

09 Light

10 Alaska

11 Time Turns Elastic



Devin Townsend is a Canadian musician best known as the frontman of Strapping Young Lad, his longest running venture. In addition to S.Y.L., Devin has worked his magic on many other projects as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer. Over the years Heavy Devy has become known for creating a completely new studio and touring band for each solo release. This may be partially explained by the fact that each release usually has a very different sound than that of its predecessor. Devin has stated that each album is unique because he writes from his most recent experiences and what he is feeling at the time. Devin produces, either alone or with others, all of his own work. He has also worked with other artists in producing their music. Devy Metal is often very experimental and progressive. Utilizing digital audio tools and multitrack recording processes, Devin layers sounds, sometimes with several layers of the same instrument, and he will frequently lay down a soundbed of atmospheric noise giving a dense wall of sound effect. His versatile vocal delivery ranges from screaming to singing, and his songwriting is similarly diverse. This two-part compilation is an attempt to find cohesion within Devin Townsend’s vast body of work.

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01 Life
02 Deep Peace
03 Slow Me Down
04 The Fluke
05 Christeen
06 Random Analysis
07 Heaven Send
08 Two Weeks
09 Gaia
10 Hypergeek > Triumph
11 Earthday

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01 S.Y.L.
02 Detox
03 Relentless
04 Kingdom
05 Love?
06 Vampolka > Vampira
07 Aftermath
08 Depth Charge
09 Polyphony > The New Black
10 Home Nucleonics
11 Namaste
12 Zen
13 Planet Smasher
14 Far Beyond Metal



You know you want it.

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Rock Your Cock Off

01 Mötley Crüe – Livewire

02 Kiss - I Love It Loud

03 Quiet Riot - Metal Health (Bang Your Head)

04 Def Leppard – Rock Of Ages

05 Autograph - Turn Up The Radio

06 Twisted Sister – I Wanna Rock

07 Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane

08 Ratt - Round and Round

09 W.A.S.P. - L.O.V.E. Machine

10 Dokken – Lightnin' Strikes Again

11 Cinderella – Shake Me

12 Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy

13 Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild

14 Guns ‘N Roses – Paradise City

15 Manowar - Blow Your Speakers



Porcupine Tree are an English progressive rock band formed by Steven Wilson in 1987. Their music is a combination of rock, ambient, psychedelic and metal. During the nineties the band focused mainly on psychedelic music although they incorporated a wide range of styles of electronic music including trance, krautrock and ambient. This Barking Chicken Production focuses on the highlights from this era with songs drawn from ‘Up The Downstair’ (1993), ‘The Sky Moves Sideways’ (1995) and ‘Waiting’ (1996). Fans of progressive psychedelia from Pink Floyd to Disco Biscuits should give this a spin.

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Porcupine Tree – Upsideways
01 The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One)
02 Burning Sky
03 Always Never
04 Up The Downstair
05 Colourflow In Mind
06 The Sound of No-One Listening
07 The Moon Touches Your Shoulder
08 The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase Two)



Rage has been consistently creating ass kicking powerthrash since they arrived on the scene as Avenger in 1984. Shortly after their debut, they changed their name to Rage and have been a staple of the European metal diet ever since. Although they are virtually unknown in the U.S., they have amassed 19 albums and 7 EPs over the last 25 years. This Barking Chicken Production shines a light on the most memorable moments.

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Rage - Illumination

01 Don't Fear The Winter
02 Invisible Horizons
03 Ashes
04 On The Edge
05 Enough Is Enough
06 Refuge
07 Raw Caress
08 Sent By The Devil
09 Black In Mind
10 Sign Of Heaven
11 Back In Time
12 Paint The Devil On The Wall
13 Set This World On Fire
14 War Of The Worlds
15 Speak Of The Dead
16 Carved In Stone



With the reunion tour on the horizon, this Barking Chicken Production contemplates what a Phish album would sound like if the writing team had been working together instead of independently over the last few years. Most of the songs here were written by Trey, which is consistent with most Phish albums. There are a few tunes from Mike and from Page’s solo album there is the basement jam involving both Mike and Trey. Finally, there are a few from Phish lyricist / collaborator Tom Marshall’s Amfibian with lead guitar by Trey on “Skip The Goodbyes.” Without a new studio album, there are no clues as to whether or not the band will include any new material in their sets. Perhaps some of these tracks should work their way into the rotation. Who cares what studio album they appeared on? On stage, they would become Phish songs. The future is live.

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The Great Lost Phish Album

01 Trey Anastasio – Come As Melody

02 Trey Anastasio – Drifting

03 Mike Gordon – Another Door

04 Amfibian – See You In Sydney

05 Trey Anastasio – Air Said To Me

06 Mike Gordon – Andelman’s Yard

07 Trey Anastasio – Tuesday

08 Mike Gordon – Dig Further Down

09 Amfibian – Skip The Goodbyes

10 Trey Anastasio – Goodbye Head

11 Amfibian – Thunderclap

12 Trey Anastasio – What’s Done

13 Trey Anastasio – Mister Completely

14 Page McConnell – Back In The Basement

15 Trey Anastasio – Push On ‘Til The Day



Doom hath many faces, but rarely does it come as sickly despondent as My Dying Bride. Compiled by guest contributor Dorky Ned aka Pestilence, this Barking Chicken Production plays like the soundtrack to your darkest day.

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My Dying Bride – On Wings Of Pestilence

01 Edenbeast

02 My Hope, The Destroyer

03 Deeper Down (Uberdoom Edit)

04 One Of Beauty's Daughters

05 Roads

06 Follower

07 The Isis Script

08 Like Gods Of The Sun

09 The Night He Died

10 Grace Unhearing

11 The Blue Lotus

12 The Raven And The Rose



‘Welcome To Stockholm’ was inspired by the legendary ‘Welcome To Venice’ compilation which was released in 1985 and gathered tracks from bands in the Venice Beach, CA area including Suicidal Tendencies and Excel. Sometimes a geographic area develops its own sound like “Bay Area Thrash” or “Florida Death Metal.” In this case, we celebrate the “Stockholm Sound.” This particular brand of death metal, generally recorded by Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, peaked between 1988 and 1994. The unique "buzzsaw" guitar tone was created by a combination of heavily detuned electric guitars and a 60 watt Peavey amp exclusively miked from behind the speaker cabinet, thus prioritizing the low frequencies in the recording process; sometimes also maxing out the Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal pedal. In the intervening years, there have been many imitators, but these are the progenitors of the sound. The artwork uses a piece by Dan Seagrave whose work graced many of the classic albums spawned by this scene.

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Welcome To Stockholm

01 Nihilist – Face Of Evil

02 Carnage – Blasphemies Of The Flesh

03 Entombed – Bitter Loss

04 Dismember – Sickening Art

05 Grave – For Your God

06 Entombed – Blessed Be

07 Dismember – I Wish You Hell

08 Grave – Severing Flesh

09 Dismember – Skinfather

10 Entombed – Bonehouse

11 Grave – Black Dawn

12 Desultory – Into Eternity

13 Entombed – Eyemaster

14 Dismember – Life ~ Another Shape Of Sorrow

15 Desultory – A Closing Eye

16 Grave – Soulless



Led by vocalist/guitarist Mille Petrozza, Kreator is one of the “Big Three” German thrash bands alongside Destruction and Sodom. If you are not familiar with Kreator, you are either on the wrong website, or are young, ignorant and need to be schooled on the classics. The band’s 80’s output was unrivaled in terms of speed, chaos and violence. Highlights of this period can be found on many compilations and live albums. This Barking Chicken Production gathers tracks from the albums that have been released since 1992’s ‘Renewal’ to demonstrate that the controlled chaos of second-era Kreator goes toe to toe with the output from the early years.

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Kreator – After Renewal

01 Corpses Of Liberty

02 Demon Prince

03 World Anarchy

04 Black Sunrise

05 Replicas Of Life

06 Enemy Of God

07 Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)

08 Escalation

09 Lost

10 The Patriarch > Violent Revolution

11 Under A Total Blackened Sky

12 Shadowland

13 To The Afterborn

14 Catholic Despot

15 All Of The Same Blood



Before forming Mastodon, drummer Brann Dailor and guitarist Bill Kelliher were members of the Rochester-based band Lethargy, and they played on the album ‘In the Eyes Of God’ by Today Is The Day. Mastodon was formed in late 1999 when Dailor and Kelliher moved to Atlanta and met bass bassist/singer Troy Sanders and guitarist/singer Brent Hinds at a High On Fire show. They discovered they had a mutual appreciation of sludge metal bands Melvins and Neurosis and 70s hard-rockers Thin Lizzy, and shortly thereafter formed Mastodon. Since then, each release has brought them increasing critical acclaim and mainstream success. As metaljudgment.com’s Requiem once noted, “These guys are a force of metallic catchiness and are most likely going to blow minds across the map, and multiply their fans at a rate faster than Gremlins in water.” This has proven to be true. Current rumors indicate that the band’s sound has moved in a more classic rock direction for the upcoming ‘Crack The Skye’. It is likely that this album will bring them to a new group of fans and the next level of commercial success. Whether the album is judged as a creative victory or a major sellout remains to be seen. Regardless, it will be an historic album. Chuck requested this Barking Chicken Production in order to further his studies on the ‘Prehistoric’.

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Mastodon – Prehistoric

01 Shadows That Move

02 Welcoming War

03 Mother Puncher

04 Hail To Fire

05 March Of The Fire Ants

06 Where Strides The Behemoth

07 Trilobite

08 Iron Tusk

09 Workhorse

10 Seabeast

11 Blood And Thunder

12 Circle Cysquatch

13 Sleeping Giant

14 Megalodon

15 Aqua Dementia

16 Bladecatcher

17 Colony Of Birchmen

18 The Wolf Is Loose

19 Crystal Skull



Before the birth of Coroner, Tommy T. Baron (guitar) and Marquis Marky (drums) were roadies for Celtic Frost. They eventually formed their own band and recorded their Death Cult demo in 1986 with Tom G. Warrior on vocals. Bassist Ron Royce took over the vocal slot for the first and all subsequent studio albums. The band developed a technical thrash metal sound with dark industrial twists, colorful leads and odd time signatures that fell somewhere between Voivod and Watchtower. With their increasingly complex style, they were often labeled as "the Rush of thrash metal" by music critics. All fans of thrash and extreme progressive music should take this Barking Chicken out for a walk.

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Coroner - Morphology
01 Spectators Of Sin
02 Reborn Through Hate
03 When Angels Die
04 Masked Jackal
05 The New Breed
06 Absorbed
07 Die By My Hand
08 D.O.A.
09 Read My Scars
10 Semtex Revolution
11 Son Of Lilith
12 Metamorphosis
13 Internal Conflicts
14 Paralyzed, Mesmerized
15 Grin (No Religion Remix)