David Russell Gordon Davies founded The Kinks with Pete Quaife in 1963. His brother Ray, who became the best-known member and de-facto leader of the band, joined soon after. Dave was responsible for the signature distorted power chord riff on The Kinks' first hit "You Really Got Me". He achieved the sound by slitting the speaker cone on his amplifier. This sound was one of the first mainstream appearances of guitar distortion, and it would influence virtually all rock, punk and extreme music going forward. Although it may appear that Dave has simply supplied the loud guitar accompaniment to his brother’s compositions, he has, in fact, built a large collection of his own material throughout the years. In celebration of Dave’s upcoming tour, this Barking Chicken Production collects some of his most notable contributions both solo and as a Kink.

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The Kinks – David Russell Gordon Davies
01 Come On Now
02 Milk Cow Blues
03 Susannah’s Still Alive
04 Love Me Till The Sun Shines
05 Lincoln County
06 Mindless Child Of Motherhood
07 Creeping Jean
08 Rats
09 Strangers
10 You Don't Know My Name
11 Trust Your Heart
12 Doing The Best For You
13 Is This the Only Way?
14 Guilty
15 Perfect Strangers
16 It’s Allright (Don’t Think About It)
17 The Lie!
18 Living On A Thin Line [Live]
19 Death Of A Clown [Live]
20 Wicked Annabella [Live]
21 I'm Not Like Everybody Else [Live]