It is amazing that all these classic thrash acts are still releasing some of the most vital extreme music on this twisted planet. They are the zombies of the metal world and they are relentless. All of the tracks here were released in 2009 or 2010. Old thrashers never die . . . they just circle the pit!

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Zombie Claus
01 Annihilator – Ambush
02 Helstar – Alma Negra
03 Flotsam & Jetsam – Blackened Eyes Staring
04 Forbidden – Adapt or Die
05 Sodom – Nothing Counts More Than Blood
06 Death Angel – River of Rapture
07 Sacrifice – The Great Wall
08 Hirax – Horrified
09 OverKill – In Vain
10 Triptykon – A Thousand Lies
11 Kreator – Warcurse
12 Nevermore – The Obsidian Conspiracy
13 Megadeth – Sudden Death
14 Slayer - Atrocity Vendor
15 Heathen – Bloodkult
16 Exodus – March of the Sycophants


The artists featured on Zombie Claus have a long history of wrecking necks. Even before they were signed to label deals, they were putting out demos that were actively traded in the metal underground. This material is older than shit and heavier than time!

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Zombie Claus: Dawn Of The Dead
01 Annihilator – Alison Hell (Phantasmagoria demo 1986)
02 Helstar – Witch’s Eye (Helstar demo 1983)
03 Flotsam & Jetsam – The Beast Within (Metalshock demo 1985)
04 Forbidden Evil – Next To Die (Endless Slaughter demo 1986)
05 Sodom – Witchhammer (Victims of Death demo 1984)
06 Death Angel – Kill As One (Kill As One demo 1985)
07 Sacrifice – Turn In Your Grave (The Exorcism demo 1985)
08 Hirax – Stand and Be Counted (Hirax demo 1984)
09 OverKill – The Beast Within (Power In Black demo 1983)
10 Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales (Celtic Frost demo 1984)
11 Tormentor – Armies of Hell (End of the World demo 1984)
12 Sanctuary – Incubus (Sanctuary demo 1986)
13 Metallica – The Mechanix (Power Metal demo 1982)
14 Slayer – Simple Aggression (Live 1983)
15 Heathen – Heathen (Pray for Death demo 1986)
16 Exodus – Bonded by Blood (A Lesson In Violence demo 1984)



Compiled from material recorded since Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith rejoined the band for the new millennium, this is the Iron Maiden album you have been waiting for since Seventh Son.
Up the irons!

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Iron Maiden – Graveproof
01 Ghost of the Navigator
02 New Frontier
03 The Fallen Angel
04 The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
05 The Man Who Would Be King
06 The Wicker Man
07 The Longest Day
08 Coming Home
09 Monts├ęgur
10 Isle of Avalon
11 Paschendale



Yakuza is an avant-garde metal band, formed in Chicago in 1999. Using unusual instruments like the saxophone and clarinet, and incorporating free jazz, world music, and psychedelic music, Yakuza writes songs that are diverse and defy categorization. This Barking Chicken Production utilizes tracks from the last three albums: ‘Samsara’ (2006), ‘Transmutations’ (2007), and ‘Of Seismic Consequence’ (2010). This is a trip you should take.

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Yakuza – Stones & Bones
01 Exterminator
02 Egocide
03 Stones & Bones
04 Testing The Waters
05 Farewell To The Flesh
06 Perception Management
07 20 Bucks
08 Existence Into Oblivion
09 Be That As It May



In 1987, a bunch of teenagers dubbed Death Angel burst out of the Bay Area thrash scene with ‘The Ultra-Violence’. Although their legendary status largely stems from their debut, they continued to mature, developing their sound on ‘Frolic Through The Park’ and finding it on ‘Act III’. Then things went awry. Heavy Metal in general, and especially Thrash, were knocked down by the one-two punch of Metallica’s sellout and Nirvana’s ascendance to the pulpit of teen angst. At about the same time, vocalist Mark Osegueda left the band. Otherwise, the lineup remained intact, and, led by guitarist Rob Cavestany, they changed their name to The Organization and produced two more albums in the style of ‘Act III’. A few years after this fizzled out, key Death Angel personnel Cavestany and Osegueda joined forces as Swarm. This reunion paved the way for the eventual reclaiming of the Death Angel moniker for 2004’s ‘The Art of Dying’. So, as the years went by, bands like OverKill, Megadeth and Anthrax marched forward with their brand despite losing important members. Meanwhile, the band formerly known as Death Angel toiled away largely intact, but failed to capitalize and build on their legendary status. This Barking Chicken Production rights that wrong and resurrects tracks released as The Organization and Swarm to take their rightful place alongside select Death Angel material. Perhaps having learned a lesson themselves, the band is not repeating past mistakes. There are less original members in the current incarnation of Death Angel than there were in The Organization or Swarm or at any other time in Death Angel’s history. Why not change the name again? Because that would be stupid.

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Death Angel - Resurrection Machine
01 Stagnant
02 The Organization
03 Bringer
04 Doomsday Eve
05 Discontinued
06 So Full Of Lies
07 Policy
08 Resurrection Machine
09 Heaven’s Cage
10 Soulless
11 Dethroned
12 Truce
13 Death Of The Meek
14 Word To The Wise
15 Thrown To The Wolves



Glenn Danzig is an American singer, songwriter, musician, author, entrepreneur, and a progenitor of the horror punk subgenre of music. Danzig's musical career, beginning in the mid-1970s, encompasses elements of punk rock, heavy metal, industrial, blues and classical music. He is the founder of the Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig. For the first time ever, this release compiles material from each of these stages of Danzig’s career including deep cuts and alternate versions.

If you are burning to CD, Tracks 1-16 are CD1 and Tracks 17-30 are CD2.

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Danzig – All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
01 Angelfuck
02 Last Caress
03 Astro Zombies
04 20 Eyes
05 Skulls
06 All Hell Breaks Loose
07 Death Comes Ripping
08 Halloween
09 All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
10 Black Dream
11 Halloween II
12 Let The Day Begin
13 Lords Of The Left Hand
14 Possession
15 End Of Time
16 Am I Demon
17 Devil’s Plaything
18 Under Her Black Wings
19 When Death Had No Name
20 How The Gods Kill
21 Left Hand Black
22 Little Whip
23 Going Down To Die
24 Thirteen
25 Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
26 Black Mass
27 SkinCarver
28 Black Angel, White Angel
29 Hammer Of The Gods
30 Rebel Spirits



For those who like a little metal in their rock and a little rock in their metal . . . we salute you!

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Road Trip

01 Corrosion Of Conformity – Long Whip / Big America
02 The Quill – Man Posed
03 Widespread Panic – Saint Ex
04 Clutch – Gullah
05 Nebula – The Dagger
06 Witchcraft – If Crimson Was Your Colour
07 Mastodon – Quintessence
08 Melvins – The Bit
09 Down – Nothing In Return (Walk Away)
10 moe. – Opium
11 Year Long Disaster – Foggy Bottom
12 Alabama Thunderpussy – The Beggar



Carcass was formed as a D-beat band by guitarist Bill Steer and drummer Ken Owen in 1985 under the name Disattack. After releasing their first demo in 1986, Jeff Walker joined them and soon the band name was changed. Carcass started as a grind band, and then moved to a death metal sound which evolved into melodic death. Their ‘Heartwork’ album, released in 1993, is one of the first melodic death metal albums ever released.

After ‘Heartwork’, the meltdown began. Carcass received a worldwide deal with Columbia Records, who hoped for a commercial success and even suggested that Jeff Walker learn how to sing. Fan reaction was split between the charge that Carcass was no longer playing death metal at all and the appreciation of the technical accomplishments of live performances. Michael Amott left the band right after ‘Heartwork’ was recorded. Meanwhile, the band’s songwriting continued to take the more straightforward rock approach introduced on ‘The Heartwork EP’ tracks “This Is Your Life” and “Rot ‘n’ Roll”.

Record company problems with Columbia/Sony caused the next album to be delayed from late summer 1995 to June 1996. Carcass broke up before the new batch of tunes saw the light of day. Twelve of the seventeen from the recording sessions made it onto ‘Swansong’ and the balance appeared later the same year on ‘Wake up and Smell the . . . Carcass’. Most agree that Carcass did not go out on a high note and the presentation of the final recordings failed to do the band’s legacy justice. This Barking Chicken Production was created to right that wrong. File ‘Rot ‘n’ Roll’ next to ‘Heartwork’ as the final stage of the decomposition of Carcass.

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Carcass – Rot ‘n’ Roll
01 This Is Your Life
02 Go To Hell
03 Rot ‘n’ Roll
04 Edge Of Darkness
05 Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody
06 Emotional Flatline
07 Polarized
08 Blackstar
09 Blood Splattered Banner
10 Keep On Rotting In The Free World



Any discussion of the history of thrash must include Exodus. They were among a handful of bands that were in the delivery room when thrash was born, and, despite a few ups and downs through the years, are still an important part of the extreme metal scene. Whether you are old school or new school, Exodus 101 is a lesson in violence.

Exodus – Select Timeline
1980 – Exodus formed by guitarists Gary Holt and Kirk Hammett
1982 – Exodus includes Holt and Hammett on guitars, Paul Baloff on lead vocals, Jeff Andrews on bass and drummer Tom Hunting - this lineup records the band's ‘1982 Demo’
1983 – ‘Die By His Hand Demo’ released
1983 – Hammett leaves Exodus to join Metallica and is replaced by guitarist Rick Hunolt
1985 – ‘Bonded By Blood’ released
1986 – ‘Pleasures Of The Flesh Demo’ released with Baloff on vocals
1986 – Baloff is replaced by Steve "Zetro" Souza, vocalist for Legacy (which became Testament after his departure)
1987 – ‘Pleasures Of The Flesh’ released
1988 – ‘Fabulous Disaster’ released
1990 – ‘Impact Is Imminent’ released
1992 – ‘Force Of Habit’ released
1997 – Baloff rejoins Exodus and ‘Another Lesson In Violence’ live album released, but the band soon disintegrates
2001 – Exodus reforms again, initially to play the Chuck Billy benefit, the Thrash of the Titans concert
2002 – Baloff dies after suffering a seizure/stroke
2004 – ‘Tempo Of The Damned’ released with Souza on vocals
2005 – vocalist Rob Dukes replaces Souza - Hunolt is replaced by Heathen guitarist Lee Altus
2005 – ‘Shovel Headed Kill Machine’ released
2007 – ‘The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A’ released
2008 – ‘Bonded By Blood’ re-recorded with Dukes on vocals and released as ‘Let There Be Blood’
2010 – ‘Exhibit B: The Human Condition’ released
2010 – Exodus includes Holt and Altus on guitars, Dukes on lead vocals, Jack Gibson on bass and drummer Tom Hunting - this lineup will be playing soon at a theater near you

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Exodus - Funeral Hymns
01 Die By His Hand
02 A Lesson In Violence
03 And Then There Were None
04 Pleasures Of The Flesh
05 Brain Dead
06 Fabulous Disaster
07 Toxic Waltz
08 Only Death Decides
09 Feeding Time At The Zoo
10 Impaler
11 War Is My Shepherd
12 Raze
13 Funeral Hymn
14 Beyond The Pale
15 Hell’s Breath



Cathedral’s new double album ‘The Guessing Game’ is an over-indulgent mess. What you love about Cathedral has been buried in excess and experimentation. You waited five years for this? Some of this material should have been left on the cutting room floor. I figured out that The Guessing Game is “guess which songs are the good ones.” So I played along and took my ‘Best Guess’. The rest is up to you.

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Cathedral – Best Guess
01 Death of an Anarchist
02 The Casket Chasers
03 La Noche del Buque Maldito
04 Painting in the Dark
05 The Running Man
06 Requiem for the Voiceless
07 Edwige's Eyes



During their megalithic phase (1975-1978), Rush laid the foundation for epic, progressive songcraft using huge slabs of rock.

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01 The Fountain Of Lamneth
I In The Valley
II Didacts And Narpets
III No One At The Bridge
IV Panacea
V Bacchus Plateau
VI The Fountain

02 2112
I Overture
II The Temples Of Syrinx
III Discovery
IV Presentation
V Oracle: The Dream
VI Soliloquy
VII Grand Finale

03 Cygnus X-1
Cygnus X-1, Book I: The Voyage
Cygnus X-1, Book II: Hemispheres
I Prelude
II Apollo: Bringer Of Wisdom
III Dionysus: Bringer Of Love
IV Armageddon: The Battle Of Heart And Mind
V Cygnus: Bringer Of Balance
VI The Sphere: A Kind Of Dream



Founded in 1984 by guitarist Lee Altus, Heathen rose out of the fertile San Francisco Bay Area thrash scene. The band’s debut, 1987's ‘Breaking The Silence’ on Combat, was followed by ‘Victims of Deception’ which was released on Roadrunner in 1991. Both albums were critically acclaimed and considered underground thrash classics. Remarkably, 2009’s ‘The Evolution Of Chaos’ picked up where ‘Victims Of Deception’ left off with a unique blend of thrash and power metal, high technicality and complex songwriting that few bands in thrash have been able to match then or now. This Barking Chicken Production demonstrates the amazing cohesion of material that spans 25 years and destroys the output of thrash rivals in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

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Heathen – The Wake Of Destruction
01 World’s End
02 Pray For Death
03 Breaking The Silence
04 Open The Grave
05 Mercy Is No Virtue
06 Opiate Of The Masses
07 Fear Of The Unknown
08 Hypnotized
09 Silent Nothingness
10 Control By Chaos
11 Fade Away
12 Dying Season



Chuck Schuldiner (May 13, 1967 – December 13, 2001) was the singer, songwriter, rhythm and lead guitarist of the band Death, which he founded in 1983, initially under the name Mantas. He is often referred to as "The Father of Death Metal," and his obituary in the January 5, 2002 issue of UK's Kerrang! magazine stated that "Chuck Schuldiner was one of the most significant figures in the history of metal.” Although Chuck has left the land of the living, Death lives ‘Beyond The Unholy Grave.’

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Death - Beyond The Unholy Grave
01 Beyond The Unholy Grave
02 Zombie Ritual
03 Pull The Plug
04 Spiritual Healing
05 Left To Die
06 Altering The Future
07 Suicide Machine
08 The Philosopher
09 Lack Of Comprehension
10 Mentally Blind
11 Symbolic
12 Flesh And The Power It Holds
13 Crystal Mountain
14 Scavenger Of Human Sorrow



David Russell Gordon Davies founded The Kinks with Pete Quaife in 1963. His brother Ray, who became the best-known member and de-facto leader of the band, joined soon after. Dave was responsible for the signature distorted power chord riff on The Kinks' first hit "You Really Got Me". He achieved the sound by slitting the speaker cone on his amplifier. This sound was one of the first mainstream appearances of guitar distortion, and it would influence virtually all rock, punk and extreme music going forward. Although it may appear that Dave has simply supplied the loud guitar accompaniment to his brother’s compositions, he has, in fact, built a large collection of his own material throughout the years. In celebration of Dave’s upcoming tour, this Barking Chicken Production collects some of his most notable contributions both solo and as a Kink.

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The Kinks – David Russell Gordon Davies
01 Come On Now
02 Milk Cow Blues
03 Susannah’s Still Alive
04 Love Me Till The Sun Shines
05 Lincoln County
06 Mindless Child Of Motherhood
07 Creeping Jean
08 Rats
09 Strangers
10 You Don't Know My Name
11 Trust Your Heart
12 Doing The Best For You
13 Is This the Only Way?
14 Guilty
15 Perfect Strangers
16 It’s Allright (Don’t Think About It)
17 The Lie!
18 Living On A Thin Line [Live]
19 Death Of A Clown [Live]
20 Wicked Annabella [Live]
21 I'm Not Like Everybody Else [Live]