Call them a jam band if you must, but improvisational progressive rock would be a more accurate description. During an interview, guitarist Al Schnier was asked to describe moe. for those who have never heard their music: "It's an amalgamation of a wide variety of the history of rock, all regurgitated and recycled through the eyes, ears, hands, whatever of the guys in our band and all of that with a sense of adventure, a sense of humor, also a constant desire to push the envelope. All in this arena of taking chances, improvising live, and making things up on the spot." In a remarkable career that's touched upon three decades and produced 17 albums, the quintet continues to push the standard for performance art. This Barking Chicken Production includes a few highlights from moe.’s recent two night stand at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on July 25 and July 26, 2009.

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01 George
02 The Road > Blue Jeans Pizza > The Road
03 Head > Interstellar Overdrive > Head

You can get soundboards of the complete shows here:

Moe. > July 25, 2009 > Hampton Beach, NH

Moe. > July 26, 2009 > Hampton Beach, NH