Vocalist/guitarist Mike Scalzi is true metal in the truest sense. This Barking Chicken Production compiles select tracks from his work in both Hammers Of Misfortune and Slough Feg. In the grand tradition of Sabbath, Priest and Maiden, Professor Scalzi will school you.

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Scalzi - Bonemeal
01 Warrior’s Dawn
02 A Room And A Riddle
03 Magic Hooligan
04 Vargr Moon
05 Doomed Parade
06 I Will Kill You / You Will Die
07 Vargr Theme / Confrontation (Genetic Prophesy)
08 Psionic Illuminations
09 Trot Out The Dead
10 Hardworlder
11 Traders And Gunboats
12 Atavism
13 Atavism II
14 The Locust Years
15 Warrior’s Dusk