This is the first Barking Chicken Productions Xmas album compiled in 1995. Originally released on a 120 minute cassette, this is a time capsule back to some of the darkest days of metal. These bands carried the torch. Side A is tracks 1-8 and Side B is tracks 9-16.

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Christmas Mourning

01 Down – Pray For The Locust > Bury Me In Smoke

02 Solitude Aeturnus – 9th Day: Awakening

03 Forbidden – Rape

04 Dream Theater – The Mirror > Lie

05 King Diamond – Killer

06 Blind Guardian – Born In A Mourning Hall

07 Death – Empty Words

08 Geezer – Drive Boy, Shooting

09 Flotsam & Jetsam – Smoked Out

10 Ozzy Osbourne – Spiders In The Night

11 Cathedral – Fangalactic Supergoria

12 Rage – Raw Caress

13 Nevermore – Timothy Leary

14 Grip Inc. – Guilty Of Innocence

15 Voivod – Cosmic Conspiracy

16 Iced Earth – Dante’s Inferno



To the extent that there is a subgenre for Extreme Progressive Metal that would include Cynic, Opeth, Between The Buried And Me and Dillinger Escape Plan, Burst should be lumped in too. While all these bands are different, they are all pushing boundaries and can be considered progressive. Hailing from Sweden, Burst layer hardcore aggression and NeurIsis atmosphere into their metallic attack. The variety between songs and the twists and turns within the compositions make them hard to pin down. Multiple spins are mandatory. If your brain is equipped to juggle sound, then Burst is for you.

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Burst – Going For The Juggler
01 Mercy Liberation
02 Crystal Asunder
03 I Exterminate The I
04 Flight's End
05 I Hold Vertigo
06 Sever
07 Rain
08 The Immateria
09 We Are Dust
10 Homebound
11 (We Watched) The Silver Rain