Led by vocalist/guitarist Mille Petrozza, Kreator is one of the “Big Three” German thrash bands alongside Destruction and Sodom. If you are not familiar with Kreator, you are either on the wrong website, or are young, ignorant and need to be schooled on the classics. The band’s 80’s output was unrivaled in terms of speed, chaos and violence. Highlights of this period can be found on many compilations and live albums. This Barking Chicken Production gathers tracks from the albums that have been released since 1992’s ‘Renewal’ to demonstrate that the controlled chaos of second-era Kreator goes toe to toe with the output from the early years.

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Kreator – After Renewal

01 Corpses Of Liberty

02 Demon Prince

03 World Anarchy

04 Black Sunrise

05 Replicas Of Life

06 Enemy Of God

07 Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)

08 Escalation

09 Lost

10 The Patriarch > Violent Revolution

11 Under A Total Blackened Sky

12 Shadowland

13 To The Afterborn

14 Catholic Despot

15 All Of The Same Blood



Before forming Mastodon, drummer Brann Dailor and guitarist Bill Kelliher were members of the Rochester-based band Lethargy, and they played on the album ‘In the Eyes Of God’ by Today Is The Day. Mastodon was formed in late 1999 when Dailor and Kelliher moved to Atlanta and met bass bassist/singer Troy Sanders and guitarist/singer Brent Hinds at a High On Fire show. They discovered they had a mutual appreciation of sludge metal bands Melvins and Neurosis and 70s hard-rockers Thin Lizzy, and shortly thereafter formed Mastodon. Since then, each release has brought them increasing critical acclaim and mainstream success. As metaljudgment.com’s Requiem once noted, “These guys are a force of metallic catchiness and are most likely going to blow minds across the map, and multiply their fans at a rate faster than Gremlins in water.” This has proven to be true. Current rumors indicate that the band’s sound has moved in a more classic rock direction for the upcoming ‘Crack The Skye’. It is likely that this album will bring them to a new group of fans and the next level of commercial success. Whether the album is judged as a creative victory or a major sellout remains to be seen. Regardless, it will be an historic album. Chuck requested this Barking Chicken Production in order to further his studies on the ‘Prehistoric’.

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Mastodon – Prehistoric

01 Shadows That Move

02 Welcoming War

03 Mother Puncher

04 Hail To Fire

05 March Of The Fire Ants

06 Where Strides The Behemoth

07 Trilobite

08 Iron Tusk

09 Workhorse

10 Seabeast

11 Blood And Thunder

12 Circle Cysquatch

13 Sleeping Giant

14 Megalodon

15 Aqua Dementia

16 Bladecatcher

17 Colony Of Birchmen

18 The Wolf Is Loose

19 Crystal Skull



Before the birth of Coroner, Tommy T. Baron (guitar) and Marquis Marky (drums) were roadies for Celtic Frost. They eventually formed their own band and recorded their Death Cult demo in 1986 with Tom G. Warrior on vocals. Bassist Ron Royce took over the vocal slot for the first and all subsequent studio albums. The band developed a technical thrash metal sound with dark industrial twists, colorful leads and odd time signatures that fell somewhere between Voivod and Watchtower. With their increasingly complex style, they were often labeled as "the Rush of thrash metal" by music critics. All fans of thrash and extreme progressive music should take this Barking Chicken out for a walk.

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Coroner - Morphology
01 Spectators Of Sin
02 Reborn Through Hate
03 When Angels Die
04 Masked Jackal
05 The New Breed
06 Absorbed
07 Die By My Hand
08 D.O.A.
09 Read My Scars
10 Semtex Revolution
11 Son Of Lilith
12 Metamorphosis
13 Internal Conflicts
14 Paralyzed, Mesmerized
15 Grin (No Religion Remix)