After 20 years we still worship Swedish death metal. We revere the seminal releases and uncover the second tier demos for reissue. We witness a slew of retro bands paying homage and others that mix the classic sound with hardcore, sludge and blackened crust. In this spirit, Edge of Sanity’s origins should be unearthed and celebrated. Discussion of Edge of Sanity often turns to masterworks like ‘Crimson’ and ‘Purgatory Afterglow’. The band advanced rapidly and their pure death metal beginnings gave way to progressive and varied sounds including a focus on melody and clean vocals. But how about refocusing on Edge of Sanity’s early sound? ‘Suspendead’ picks at the well-preserved remains of this era. Fortunately, many of the earlier tracks have been remixed and remastered by legendary frontman and recording guru Dan Swanö. Edge of Sanity’s classic Swedeath proves timeless as if suspended like a zombie cryogenically preserved to live dead again. The cover borrowed from Dan Seagrave’s collection compliments the theme. You can't live forever, but can you be dead forever?

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Edge of Sanity - Suspendead
01 In the Veins / Darker Than Black
02 The Dead
03 Livin' Hell
04 When All Is Said
05 Immortal Souls
06 Maze of Existence
07 Beyond The Unknown
08 Dead But Dreaming
09 Tales . . .
10 Everlasting
11 On the Other Side

For more Edge of Sanity and other Dan Swanö material, be sure to check out Swanö's 'Bleeding Shadow' also from Barking Chicken Productions.