Hypocrisy is a death metal band from Sweden formed in 1990 by Peter Tägtgren. Prior to starting the band, Tägtgren spent three years in Fort Lauderdale immersed in the exploding Florida death metal scene. Hypocrisy's early releases were noted as being well-executed death metal, but panned for not being particularly innovative. That criticism waned as the band matured and cultivated a more distinctive, atmospheric sound. This release compiles some of the highlights from the band’s revered catalog.

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Hypocrisy – Killing Art
01 Osculum Obscenum
02 The Fourth Dimension
03 Roswell 47
04 Killing Art
05 Adjusting The Sun
06 Request Denied
07 Fractured Millennium
08 Elastic Inverted Visions
09 Apocalyptic Hybrid
10 Fire In The Sky
11 The Abyss
12 Scrutinized
13 Craving For Another Killing
14 Weed Out The Weak
15 The Quest
16 Sky Is Falling Down



Novembers Doom formed in 1989 as the death/thrash metal band Laceration. Gradually the band began to change their sound towards a heavier, slower style, at which point the name Novembers Doom was adopted as the band members felt it more suited their style. In 2005, the band turned the corner from doom to death with ‘The Pale Haunt Departure’. Novembers Doom has since continued down this path with the release of ‘The Novella Reservoir’ in 2007 and ‘Into Night's Requiem Infernal’ 2009. This Barking Chicken Production focuses on these three albums which were all mixed by Dan Swanö and characterized by epic, dynamic death metal anthems. Alone, each of these albums shows promise, but broken down and resurrected as ‘The Pale Reservoir Infernal’, this material is comparable to melodic, progressive death classics released by Edge Of Sanity and Opeth. This one is for Fitzy.

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Novembers Doom - The Pale Reservoir Infernal
01 The Voice Of Failure
02 Eulogy For The Living Lost
03 The Novella Reservoir
04 Empathy's Greed
05 They Were Left To Die
06 The Pale Haunt Departure
07 Rain
08 Collapse Of The Fallen Throe
09 Dark World Burden
10 Drown The Inland Mere