Soundgarden's early Stooges/MC5-meets-Zeppelin/Sabbath sound is a dark, murky, buzzing cauldron of noise that simultaneously redirects and pays tribute to heavy metal. The best moments are startling fusions of classic metal, punk rock, and psychedelia of the fuzz guitar variety, plus the local flavor of Green River and the Melvins. The difference was, Soundgarden were better songwriters than their peers and were able to maintain order right up to the edge of chaos. Their feel for memorable riffs and hooks lends greater power to both the rockers and the creepy, dirge-like slow numbers. When separated out from the filler, the numerous highlights show why Soundgarden had such an enormous impact on the development of grunge and stoner rock.

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01 Entering
02 Toy Box
03 Loud Love
04 Searching With My Good Eye Closed
‏ 05 Beyond the Wheel
06 Hand of God
07 Uncovered
08 All Your Lies
09 Nothing to Say
10 Slaves and Bulldozers
11 Hands All Over
12 Room A Thousand Years Wide