Formed in New York City in 1975 by guitarist Mark Reale, Riot is one of the forerunners of power and speed metal. Influenced by the likes of Budgie, UFO, Deep Purple and Judas Priest, Riot took the heaviness of those bands to a whole new level, while still maintaining an American hard rock sound. Riot’s 1977 debut album was by far the hardest rocking thing in the states during its time. Often cited as one of the earliest speed metal songs, “Warrior” was committed to vinyl a year before Judas Priest’s influential “Exciter”. Despite being overlooked and underrated, Riot enjoyed a long-running career marked by a string of solid releases and punctuated by moments of brilliance.

On January 25, 2012, Mark Reale died of complications related to Crohn's disease. He was 56 and had battled Crohn's disease for most of his life.

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Riot - Steel Life Portrait
01 Warrior
02 Hot For Love
03 Fire Down Under
04 Swords And Tequila
05 Restless Breed
06 Wings Of Fire
07 Heavy Metal Machine
08 Thundersteel
09 Black Leather And Glittering Steel
10 Dance Of Death
11 Fight Or Fall
12 Magic Maker
13 Nightbreaker
14 Glory Calling
Snake Charmer > On The Wings Of Life
16 Wings Are For Angels
17 Riot