Tony Martin was Black Sabbath's second longest serving vocalist behind only Ozzy. He was the voice of Sabbath from 1987-1990 and 1993-1995. While many disregard Black Sabbath after the Ian Gillan experiment, others have gone so far as to argue that Tony Martin was Sabbath's best vocalist. Whether or not this is true, it is clear that he fronted the band during the period in which Black Sabbath was least relevant in a commercial sense. Tony Iommi and his legendary band were essentially cast out of the metal pantheon. Tony Martin Black Sabbath should not be disregarded, however. We all know that some of the best metal albums were produced by bands that were not commercially viable. This Barking Chicken Production showcases Sabbath during the Tony Martin era and may just be better than 'Mob Rules' or 'Born Again'. You be the judge.

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Black Sabbath - Fallen Angels
01 The Law Maker
02 Devil & Daughter
03 Cross Of Thorns
04 When Death Calls
05 Heaven In Black
06 Nightwing
07 Eternal Idol
08 Headless Cross
09 Immaculate Deception
10 The Sabbath Stones


MOE. - The Electric Lemoe.nade Acid Test

Troo kvlt and uncompromising, moe. is the best kept secret in rock and roll . . . and that’s just the way we like it. Those in the know make up a dedicated following that keeps coming back to enjoy experimental music in uncharted waters. This is the complete concert that was postponed from 10/30/10 to 12/4/10 and morphed from the Halloween show to the Nightmare Before Xmas. This evening with moe. highlights the psychedelic aspect of the band’s sound that fans of free range chicken will find particularly mindblowing. Five new songs were seamlessly mixed with some of moe.’s heavy hitters and melted down into an extended ambient jam. Take your time with this one. It is about the journey, not the destination.

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moe. > 12/04/2010 > Albany, NY
The Electric Lemoe.nade Acid Test
01 Chromatic Nightmare
02 Not Coming Down
03 Wormwood >
04 Interstellar Overdrive >
05 Moth
06 Suck A lemon
07 Plane Crash
08 Crew Jam
09 No Refrain
10 Buster
11 meat >
12 Mar-Dema >
13 meat
14 Silver Sun >
15 Recreational Chemistry
16 Banter
17 Mexico