For those who like a little metal in their rock and a little rock in their metal . . . we salute you!

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Road Trip

01 Corrosion Of Conformity – Long Whip / Big America
02 The Quill – Man Posed
03 Widespread Panic – Saint Ex
04 Clutch – Gullah
05 Nebula – The Dagger
06 Witchcraft – If Crimson Was Your Colour
07 Mastodon – Quintessence
08 Melvins – The Bit
09 Down – Nothing In Return (Walk Away)
10 moe. – Opium
11 Year Long Disaster – Foggy Bottom
12 Alabama Thunderpussy – The Beggar



Carcass was formed as a D-beat band by guitarist Bill Steer and drummer Ken Owen in 1985 under the name Disattack. After releasing their first demo in 1986, Jeff Walker joined them and soon the band name was changed. Carcass started as a grind band, and then moved to a death metal sound which evolved into melodic death. Their ‘Heartwork’ album, released in 1993, is one of the first melodic death metal albums ever released.

After ‘Heartwork’, the meltdown began. Carcass received a worldwide deal with Columbia Records, who hoped for a commercial success and even suggested that Jeff Walker learn how to sing. Fan reaction was split between the charge that Carcass was no longer playing death metal at all and the appreciation of the technical accomplishments of live performances. Michael Amott left the band right after ‘Heartwork’ was recorded. Meanwhile, the band’s songwriting continued to take the more straightforward rock approach introduced on ‘The Heartwork EP’ tracks “This Is Your Life” and “Rot ‘n’ Roll”.

Record company problems with Columbia/Sony caused the next album to be delayed from late summer 1995 to June 1996. Carcass broke up before the new batch of tunes saw the light of day. Twelve of the seventeen from the recording sessions made it onto ‘Swansong’ and the balance appeared later the same year on ‘Wake up and Smell the . . . Carcass’. Most agree that Carcass did not go out on a high note and the presentation of the final recordings failed to do the band’s legacy justice. This Barking Chicken Production was created to right that wrong. File ‘Rot ‘n’ Roll’ next to ‘Heartwork’ as the final stage of the decomposition of Carcass.

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Carcass – Rot ‘n’ Roll
01 This Is Your Life
02 Go To Hell
03 Rot ‘n’ Roll
04 Edge Of Darkness
05 Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody
06 Emotional Flatline
07 Polarized
08 Blackstar
09 Blood Splattered Banner
10 Keep On Rotting In The Free World