Soundgarden's early Stooges/MC5-meets-Zeppelin/Sabbath sound is a dark, murky, buzzing cauldron of noise that simultaneously redirects and pays tribute to heavy metal. The best moments are startling fusions of classic metal, punk rock, and psychedelia of the fuzz guitar variety, plus the local flavor of Green River and the Melvins. The difference was, Soundgarden were better songwriters than their peers and were able to maintain order right up to the edge of chaos. Their feel for memorable riffs and hooks lends greater power to both the rockers and the creepy, dirge-like slow numbers. When separated out from the filler, the numerous highlights show why Soundgarden had such an enormous impact on the development of grunge and stoner rock.

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01 Entering
02 Toy Box
03 Loud Love
04 Searching With My Good Eye Closed
‏ 05 Beyond the Wheel
06 Hand of God
07 Uncovered
08 All Your Lies
09 Nothing to Say
10 Slaves and Bulldozers
11 Hands All Over
12 Room A Thousand Years Wide



Criminally underrated, Deceased was spawned during metal’s rapid evolution from NWOBHM to death metal during the 1980’s. Using only the purest ingredients, Deceased has distilled traditional metal and punk into a thrashing death metal concoction that is unique yet familiar. A loyalty to classic twin guitar heroics is coupled with intense dedication to primitive extremity. The delivery is Lovecraftian insanity as tales of horror unfold. All of this is wrapped up in a package so true to metal that drummer and vocalist King Fowley rusts when it rains. ‘Kill For The Dead’ focuses on studio material released between 1997 and 2011.

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Deceased - Kill For The Dead
01 The Mausoleum
02 Fearless Undead Machines
03 The Premonition
04 The Funeral Parlour's Secret
05 Cloned (Day of the Robot)
06 A Visit from Dread
07 Dark Chilling Heartbeat
08 The Kept
09 In the Laboratory of Joyous Gloom
10 Graphic Repulsion
11 From the Ground They Came > Night of the Deceased



You have waited 15 years for this. Although Amorphis’s tapestry of folk, death, doom and progressive rock may not sound as novel as it did in 1996, this Barking Chicken Production packages recent material in a collection that can stand proudly alongside ‘Tales from the Thousand Lakes’ and ‘Elegy’.

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Amorphis – Elegy II: Weaving the Incantation
01 Towards and Against
02 Majestic Beast
03 The White Swan
04 Battle for Light
05 Empty Opening
06 Skyforger
07 From Earth I Rose
08 Song of the Sage
09 Leaves Scar
10 The Smoke
11 Heart’s Song
12 Three Words
13 Weaving the Incantation
14 A Servant
15 Godlike Machine



MOE. goes BIG. Big songs. Big jams. Big shows. For a compilation to properly reflect their magic, it must capture the large scope of their performance. Enter moe.saic > 10 discs worth of live moe. stretching out and going with the flow. Rather than a compilation of songs, this is a compilation of segments each made up of several songs and segues. These tracks are not produced and barely edited. Free range. High volume. No artificial ingredients.

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1 moe.saic
11 Intro (6/26/10)
12 Jazz Wank > (6/26/10)
13 32 Things > (6/26/10)
14 Billy Goat > (6/26/10)
15 Bullet > (6/26/10)
16 Opium > (6/26/10)
17 32 Things (6/26/10)

2 moe.saic
21 Crowd (6/26/10)
22 Water > (6/26/10)
23 Hector’s Pillow > (6/26/10)
24 The Road > (6/26/10)
25 Yodelittle > (6/26/10)
26 The Road (6/26/10)
27 She Sends Me (1/29/11)
28 Paper Dragon (1/29/11)

3 moe.saic
31 Crowd (12/30/10)
32 Captain America > (12/30/10)
33 Suck A Lemon > (12/30/10)
34 Threw It All Away (12/30/10)
35 Haze > (12/30/2010)
36 Four (12/30/10)

4 moe.saic41 Faker > (10/21/00)
42 Moth (10/21/00)
43 Plane Crash (10/21/00)

5 moe.saic51 Recreational Chemistry > (3/3/06)
52 Blue Jeans Pizza > (3/3/06)
53 St. Augustine (3/3/06)
54 Timmy Tucker> (2/9/07)
55 Tailspin (2/9/07)

6 moe.saic61 Rise > (2/9/07)
62 Recreational Chemistry > (2/9/07)
63 Seat of My Pants (2/9/07)
64 Sensory Deprivation Bank > (2/9/07)
65 Recreational Chemistry (2/9/07)

7 moe.saic71 Skrunk > (2/2/08)
72 Lazarus (2/2/08)
73 Brent Black > (2/2/08)
74 Bring You Down > (2/2/08)
75 Brent Black (2/2/08)

8 moe.saic81 Kyle’s Song > (1/29/11)
82 Kids > (1/29/11)
83 George (1/29/11)
84 Buster > (1/29/11)
85 Kids (1/29/11)

9 moe.saic91 Crowd (7/4/10)
92 meat > (7/4/10)
93 Dr. Graffenberg > (7/4/10)
94 Spine of a Dog > (7/4/10)
95 meat (7/4/10)
96 Crowd / Banter (7/4/10)

10 moe.saic101 Letter Home > (6/26/10)
102 Wind It Up > (6/26/10)
103 Rebubula (6/26/10)
104 Crowd / Banter (6/26/10)
105 Bearsong > (6/26/10)
106 Bullet (6/26/10)



Although they were released 10 years apart, Enslaved career highlights 'Mardraum – Beyond the Within' (2000) and 'Axioma Ethica Odini' (2010) are cut from the same cloth. The synergy created by a mashup of these two albums brings the energy to a whole new level. Two great tastes that taste great together!

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Enslaved – Mardraum Ethica Odini
1 Ormgard
2 The Beacon
3 Entrance – Escape
4 Lightening
5 Stjerneheimen
6 Waruun
7 Større enn Tid - Tyngre enn Natt
8 Singular
9 Mardraum Ethica Odini



If there was a Museum of Old Metal, Darkthrone’s Fenriz would be first in line for the curator position. Perhaps this quote would find its way onto his application: “My motto is the one who’s heard the most music wins. And I haven’t met anyone who can beat me yet.” The metal closest to his blackened heart is from the late 70s and early 80s and he has been an outspoken critic of modern metal. An avid collector and list maker, Fenriz will often share information on his new discoveries in liner notes and on the web. He will also contribute a "Band of the Month" feature to the Swedish metal magazine Close-Up beginning with the May 2011 issue. He is a legend of metal both as a performer and a listener. So, if he were to take the whole spotlight on a Kiss-style solo album, what would we get? The answer can be downloaded below. It came easy because the songwriting has been clearly divided between Fenriz and Nocturno Culto over the last several Darkthrone albums. If I could only release this in vinyl . . .

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01 Raised on Rock
02 Graveyard Slut
03 Canadian Metal
04 Those Treasures Will Never Befall You
05 Pervertor of the 7 Gates
06 Witch Ghetto
07 Circle the Wagons
08 Hiking Metal Punks
09 Fuck Off and Die
10 I Am the Graves of the 80s

For more on Fenriz and the scene that spawned him, check out the documentary 'Until The Light Takes Us' free to watch instantly on Netflix.



Both as the frontman for Mercyful Fate and as a solo artist, King Diamond has attained legendary status. King began experimenting with horror themed theatrics (including cavorting with a human skull named Melissa) as well as shaping a satanic stage persona while singing with a local Danish hard rock band called Black Rose. In 1980, he left Black Rose and joined the punk-metal band Brats where he met Hank Shermann. Soon after, the two of them were asked to help Michael Denner (a former member of Brats) with his own project Danger Zone which included Timi Hansen. These musicians would join with King Diamond in 1980 to become the supremely influential Mercyful Fate. Following a series of releases, King Diamond split with Mercyful Fate in 1984 to pursue a solo career. He took Hansen and Denner with him and hooked up with guitar wiz Andy La Rocque who has been ripping leads for the King ever since. As a solo artist, King Diamond’s occult themes grew into horror stories. Each of his albums contains a story told throughout the songs, most are elaborate rock operas that unfold as the tracks progress. King’s own story deserves similar treatment. Here we present an audiobiography that tells the tale of a black magician who has spent the last 30 years bouncing from town to town in various guises attracting followers to his spectacular roadshow. Kiss your soul goodbye.

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Black Magic I
01 Black Rose: Holy Mountain Lights
02 Mercyful Fate: Death Kiss
03 Mercyful Fate: A Corpse Without Soul
04 Mercyful Fate: Doomed by the Living Dead
05 Mercyful Fate: Into The Coven
06 Mercyful Fate: Black Funeral
07 Mercyful Fate: Melissa
08 Mercyful Fate: Night of the Unborn
09 Mercyful Fate: The Oath
10 Mercyful Fate: Come to the Sabbath
11 King Diamond: Dressed in White
12 King Diamond: Charon
13 King Diamond: Arrival
14 King Diamond: The Family Ghost
15 King Diamond: Abigail

Black Magic II
01 King Diamond: Welcome Home
02 King Diamond: The Invisible Guests
03 King Diamond: Bye, Bye Missy
04 King Diamond: At the Graves
05 King Diamond: Sleepless Nights
06 King Diamond: The Eye Of The Witch
07 King Diamond: Burn
08 Mercyful Fate: Is That You, Melissa?
09 Mercyful Fate: In the Shadows
10 Mercyful Fate: Angel of Light
11 Mercyful Fate: My Demon
12 King Diamond: From the Other Side
13 King Diamond: Waiting
14 Mercyful Fate: Into the Unknown
15 Mercyful Fate: The Uninvited Guest

Black Magic III
01 King Diamond: "LOA" House
02 King Diamond: Voodoo
03 King Diamond: One Down Two To Go
04 Mercyful Fate: Buried Alive
05 King Diamond: Help!!!
06 King Diamond: The Trees Have Eyes
07 King Diamond: The Storm
08 King Diamond: The Wheelchair
09 King Diamond: Spirits
10 King Diamond: The Ritual
11 King Diamond: Blood To Walk
12 King Diamond: Never Ending Hill
13 King Diamond: Mirror, Mirror
14 Roadrunner United: In the Fire
15 Probot: Sweet Dreams
16 Mercyful Fate: Evil 2009



Tony Martin was Black Sabbath's second longest serving vocalist behind only Ozzy. He was the voice of Sabbath from 1987-1990 and 1993-1995. While many disregard Black Sabbath after the Ian Gillan experiment, others have gone so far as to argue that Tony Martin was Sabbath's best vocalist. Whether or not this is true, it is clear that he fronted the band during the period in which Black Sabbath was least relevant in a commercial sense. Tony Iommi and his legendary band were essentially cast out of the metal pantheon. Tony Martin Black Sabbath should not be disregarded, however. We all know that some of the best metal albums were produced by bands that were not commercially viable. This Barking Chicken Production showcases Sabbath during the Tony Martin era and may just be better than 'Mob Rules' or 'Born Again'. You be the judge.

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Black Sabbath - Fallen Angels
01 The Law Maker
02 Devil & Daughter
03 Cross Of Thorns
04 When Death Calls
05 Heaven In Black
06 Nightwing
07 Eternal Idol
08 Headless Cross
09 Immaculate Deception
10 The Sabbath Stones


MOE. - The Electric Lemoe.nade Acid Test

Troo kvlt and uncompromising, moe. is the best kept secret in rock and roll . . . and that’s just the way we like it. Those in the know make up a dedicated following that keeps coming back to enjoy experimental music in uncharted waters. This is the complete concert that was postponed from 10/30/10 to 12/4/10 and morphed from the Halloween show to the Nightmare Before Xmas. This evening with moe. highlights the psychedelic aspect of the band’s sound that fans of free range chicken will find particularly mindblowing. Five new songs were seamlessly mixed with some of moe.’s heavy hitters and melted down into an extended ambient jam. Take your time with this one. It is about the journey, not the destination.

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moe. > 12/04/2010 > Albany, NY
The Electric Lemoe.nade Acid Test
01 Chromatic Nightmare
02 Not Coming Down
03 Wormwood >
04 Interstellar Overdrive >
05 Moth
06 Suck A lemon
07 Plane Crash
08 Crew Jam
09 No Refrain
10 Buster
11 meat >
12 Mar-Dema >
13 meat
14 Silver Sun >
15 Recreational Chemistry
16 Banter
17 Mexico