The most distinctive voice in death metal returns with a career-spanning retrospective including tracks from Pestilence, Comecon, Hail of Bullets and Asphyx. Prepare to be krushed by the throat shredding legacy of Martin Van Drunen. This is true death metal, you bastards!

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Van Drunen – The Krusher
01 Subordinate to the Domination (Pestilence)
02 Out of the Body (Pestilence)
03 The Trauma (Pestilence)
04 The Sickening Dwell (Asphyx)
05 Pages in Blood (Asphyx)
06 The Krusher (Asphyx)
07 Last One on Earth (Asphyx)
08 Bleed / Burn (Comecon)
09 Ordered Eastward (Hail of Bullets)
10 General Winter (Hail of Bullets)
11 Scorbutics (Asphyx)
12 Eisenbahnmörser [The Railway Mortar] (Asphyx)
13 Operation Z (Hail of Bullets)
14 Kamikaze (Hail of Bullets)
15 We Doom You to Death (Asphyx)
16 Deathhammer (Asphyx)