Dan Swanö is a legendary Swedish vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist and music producer. He is regarded as influential in the underground progressive metal, progressive rock and death metal communities. In addition to having an enormous resume as an engineer and producer, Swanö has fronted a huge number of bands. This Barking Chicken Production combines highlights from several of these including Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale, Moontower, Odyssey, Steel and Pan.Thy.Monium. Separately, each one of these bands sets the standard for its genre, combined they are the mark of genius.

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Swanö - Bleeding Shadow
01 Ekkhoeece
02 The Masque
03 Blood-Colored
04 Shadowman
05 Sun Of The Night
06 Raincheck On My Demise
07 15:36
08 Stalingrad
09 Until Eternity Ends
10 Alone?
11 Amon-Ra
12 Patchworks
13 White Darkness
14 Twilight
15 Say Goodbye (To Love)

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