The Duo, Sean Reinert (drums, vocals, keys) and Paul Masvidal (lead vocals, guitars, keys), initially made a name for themselves in the Florida metal scene as Cynic. In the late 80s, Cynic released a series of highly regarded demos. As Cynic progressed from an underground thrash band to a progressive death metal legend, Reinert and Masvidal were recruited by Chuck Schuldiner to record and tour Death’s critically acclaimed ‘Human’ album. Following these obligations, Cynic released the groundbreaking ‘Focus’ in 1993. By this time, they had metamorphosized into a full-blown jazz-fusion death metal band with an emphasis on extreme technicality and progressive songwriting.

Despite their successes, Reinert and Masvidal were not to be confined by the boundaries of metal. As their music progressed, Cynic dissovled. They formed a short-lived band called Portal that combined ethereal female vocals with some of the spacier elements found on ‘Focus’.
After disappearing for the better part of a decade, Reinert and Masvidal turned up in Los Angeles. They had formed a new band called Aeon Spoke which has been described as progressive ethereal rock. In 2005 the track “Emmanuel” appeared in the film What The Bleep Do We Know!?. Another track “Damaged” appeared on the Warner Brothers television series Smallville, while the song “I've Seen Those Eyes” appeared in the movie Cry Wolf.

As Reinert and Masvidal were still musically active, there was nothing to prevent them from breathing new life into Cynic. To the delight of a hardcore following, Cynic returned in 2008 with the release of ‘Traced In Air’ and a tour in support of the album. The evolution in sound is exactly what you would expect in light of the direction they have taken over the years.

On the surface, each of the projects involving the Reinert Masvidal Duo are quite different. But if you dig deeper, you will find that there is a thread of similarity that runs throughout. This Barking Chicken Production combines tracks from the various projects that have manifested themselves through the collaboration of Reinert and Masvidal over the last 15 years.

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Reinert Masvidal Duo - Evolutionary Sleeper
01 Cavalry Of Woe
02 The Space For This
03 Cosmos
04 King Of Those Who Know
05 Nothing
06 Evolutionary Sleeper
07 Veil Of Maya
08 I'm But A Wave To...
09 How Could I
10 Adam's Murmur
11 The Fisher Tale
12 Nunc Stans
13 Endless Endeavors

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