Since hitting the scene, Katatonia’s sound has evolved from crushing doom/death metal to a more atmospheric, depressive rock. This Barking Chicken Production focuses exclusively on their more accessible recent output. For the uninitiated, I would say that today’s Katatonia sounds like a cross between The Cure and Tool. But there is much more to it than that. I would still call it metal, but they are certainly stretching the boundaries of the genre about as far as they can go without breaking.

This release is inspired by the double disc ‘The Black Sessions’ compilation. It combined tracks from the last few albums with B-sides and obscure material. Having all these great songs in one place was great, but the flow was disrupted by the arguably second rate material that was purposely left off the studio albums in the first place. Katatonia has released a string of incredible albums, so I knew that if you trimmed the fat you would have one hell of a listening experience. I was right. Take a Crash Course in Katatonia. You won’t be sorry.

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Katatonia - Crash Course

01 Teargas

02 Passing Bird

03 Omerta

04 Evidence

05 Criminals

06 Tonight's Music

07 For My Demons

08 In The White

09 Dispossession

10 A Premonition

11 My Twin

12 The Future Of Speech

13 We Must Bury You

14 Deliberation

15 Burn The Remembrance

16 Ghost Of The Sun

17 July

18 Leaders

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