With the reunion tour on the horizon, this Barking Chicken Production contemplates what a Phish album would sound like if the writing team had been working together instead of independently over the last few years. Most of the songs here were written by Trey, which is consistent with most Phish albums. There are a few tunes from Mike and from Page’s solo album there is the basement jam involving both Mike and Trey. Finally, there are a few from Phish lyricist / collaborator Tom Marshall’s Amfibian with lead guitar by Trey on “Skip The Goodbyes.” Without a new studio album, there are no clues as to whether or not the band will include any new material in their sets. Perhaps some of these tracks should work their way into the rotation. Who cares what studio album they appeared on? On stage, they would become Phish songs. The future is live.

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The Great Lost Phish Album

01 Trey Anastasio – Come As Melody

02 Trey Anastasio – Drifting

03 Mike Gordon – Another Door

04 Amfibian – See You In Sydney

05 Trey Anastasio – Air Said To Me

06 Mike Gordon – Andelman’s Yard

07 Trey Anastasio – Tuesday

08 Mike Gordon – Dig Further Down

09 Amfibian – Skip The Goodbyes

10 Trey Anastasio – Goodbye Head

11 Amfibian – Thunderclap

12 Trey Anastasio – What’s Done

13 Trey Anastasio – Mister Completely

14 Page McConnell – Back In The Basement

15 Trey Anastasio – Push On ‘Til The Day

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