Rage has been consistently creating ass kicking powerthrash since they arrived on the scene as Avenger in 1984. Shortly after their debut, they changed their name to Rage and have been a staple of the European metal diet ever since. Although they are virtually unknown in the U.S., they have amassed 19 albums and 7 EPs over the last 25 years. This Barking Chicken Production shines a light on the most memorable moments.

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Rage - Illumination

01 Don't Fear The Winter
02 Invisible Horizons
03 Ashes
04 On The Edge
05 Enough Is Enough
06 Refuge
07 Raw Caress
08 Sent By The Devil
09 Black In Mind
10 Sign Of Heaven
11 Back In Time
12 Paint The Devil On The Wall
13 Set This World On Fire
14 War Of The Worlds
15 Speak Of The Dead
16 Carved In Stone

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