It's like homemade chicken soup that warms the chill and heals the ill. This collection of songs is based on the belief that tales of horror and anguish can nourish us to the bone and heal the cynicism in our hearts. Flavored with a heavy dose of thrash and melodic death metal, most every riff seeps in deeply. It's hard not to bang your head violently, feeling thrilled to have been touched by this special brand of darkness. Punishing the ears since 1997, Cleveland’s Soulless are the best band you’re not listening to. Do we have to spoon feed you?

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Soulless - Chicken Soup For The Soulless
01 Serpent Reaper
02 As Darkness Dawns
03 Suffer the Fallen
04 The Fleet of Fury
05 Devilish
06 The Soulscythe
07 The Price of Life
08 Bleed You Dry
09 To The Death
10 Agonies
11 Betray the Light
12 Deadly Sins
13 Death’s Icy Grip
14 Burnt Earth

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