Daniel Davies is the son of Kinks guitarist Dave Davies. Karma To Burn is noted for being a mostly instrumental band, however K2B’s 2010 album ‘Appalachian Incantation’ included one song with Davies on vocals. In June 2010, Daniel Davies’s Year Long Disaster toured Europe with all three members of Karma To Burn as part of the band. The favor was returned on Karma To Burn's European summer tour with Davies stepping in as an occasional guitarist and vocalist. Karma To Burn then released ‘V’ in 2011 which included a few songs with vocals by Davies, further blurring the boundaries between K2B and Year Long Disaster. This relationship appears to have been short-lived as Davies and Karma To Burn have gone their separate ways. Enjoy the product of this brief affair. Rumor has it that Daniel Davies joined CKY, but the status of that band is unknown.

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Daniel Davies & Karma to Burn - VOX
01 Cynics
02 Jimmy Dean
03 Never Say Die
04 Waiting on the Western World

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