OSI is an American progressive experimental supergroup formed by Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos in 2003. The name refers to the short-lived US government agency Office of Strategic Influence which was established shortly after 9/11 to manufacture and promote pro-US propaganda in domestic and foreign media. Initially intended to be Matheos's solo project, the sound took a turn when keyboardist Kevin Moore (Dream Theater, Chroma Key) was recruited. The skill sets of these two main members forms the foundation of a unique sound that blends keyboard-based electronica with tasteful progressive metal guitar. Fans of free range chicken should give this a spin.

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OSI – Manifest Destiny
01 Hello, Helicopter!
02 Go
03 Radiologue
04 Terminal
05 Kicking
06 Head
07 Home Was Good
08 When You're Ready
09 Bigger Wave
10 Invisible Men
The Escape Artist
12 Our Town

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