Let’s face it, Helloween was on the road to ruin after Kai Hansen left the band in 1989. As much as Andi Deris had big shoes to fill when replacing Michael Kiske in 1993, he is largely responsible for bringing the band back from the dead – even if it was in fits and starts. Although Helloween has been inconsistent, they have been prolific and Andi Deris’s range of delivery has allowed the band to stretch out into all aspects of power metal. They have gone from pioneers to explorers. If there is one thing that ties all Helloween lineups together, it is that they have always tested boundaries. This is their legacy. In the latter half of their career, highlights include material that is fast, heavy and dark without losing a sense of melody. This is where the band arrived under the leadership of Andi Deris and this is the focus of ‘Pumpkin Iron.’

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Helloween - Pumpkin Iron

01 Midnight Sun
02 Hell Was Made In Heaven
03 Heaven Tells No Lies
04 The Bells of the Seven Hells
05 The Dark Ride

06 Burning Sun
07 Push
08 The Saints
09 Nabataea
10 Kill It
11 Far in the Future
12 Straight out of Hell

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