Both as the frontman for Mercyful Fate and as a solo artist, King Diamond has attained legendary status. King began experimenting with horror themed theatrics (including cavorting with a human skull named Melissa) as well as shaping a satanic stage persona while singing with a local Danish hard rock band called Black Rose. In 1980, he left Black Rose and joined the punk-metal band Brats where he met Hank Shermann. Soon after, the two of them were asked to help Michael Denner (a former member of Brats) with his own project Danger Zone which included Timi Hansen. These musicians would join with King Diamond in 1980 to become the supremely influential Mercyful Fate. Following a series of releases, King Diamond split with Mercyful Fate in 1984 to pursue a solo career. He took Hansen and Denner with him and hooked up with guitar wiz Andy La Rocque who has been ripping leads for the King ever since. As a solo artist, King Diamond’s occult themes grew into horror stories. Each of his albums contains a story told throughout the songs, most are elaborate rock operas that unfold as the tracks progress. King’s own story deserves similar treatment. Here we present an audiobiography that tells the tale of a black magician who has spent the last 30 years bouncing from town to town in various guises attracting followers to his spectacular roadshow. Kiss your soul goodbye.

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Black Magic I
01 Black Rose: Holy Mountain Lights
02 Mercyful Fate: Death Kiss
03 Mercyful Fate: A Corpse Without Soul
04 Mercyful Fate: Doomed by the Living Dead
05 Mercyful Fate: Into The Coven
06 Mercyful Fate: Black Funeral
07 Mercyful Fate: Melissa
08 Mercyful Fate: Night of the Unborn
09 Mercyful Fate: The Oath
10 Mercyful Fate: Come to the Sabbath
11 King Diamond: Dressed in White
12 King Diamond: Charon
13 King Diamond: Arrival
14 King Diamond: The Family Ghost
15 King Diamond: Abigail

Black Magic II
01 King Diamond: Welcome Home
02 King Diamond: The Invisible Guests
03 King Diamond: Bye, Bye Missy
04 King Diamond: At the Graves
05 King Diamond: Sleepless Nights
06 King Diamond: The Eye Of The Witch
07 King Diamond: Burn
08 Mercyful Fate: Is That You, Melissa?
09 Mercyful Fate: In the Shadows
10 Mercyful Fate: Angel of Light
11 Mercyful Fate: My Demon
12 King Diamond: From the Other Side
13 King Diamond: Waiting
14 Mercyful Fate: Into the Unknown
15 Mercyful Fate: The Uninvited Guest

Black Magic III
01 King Diamond: "LOA" House
02 King Diamond: Voodoo
03 King Diamond: One Down Two To Go
04 Mercyful Fate: Buried Alive
05 King Diamond: Help!!!
06 King Diamond: The Trees Have Eyes
07 King Diamond: The Storm
08 King Diamond: The Wheelchair
09 King Diamond: Spirits
10 King Diamond: The Ritual
11 King Diamond: Blood To Walk
12 King Diamond: Never Ending Hill
13 King Diamond: Mirror, Mirror
14 Roadrunner United: In the Fire
15 Probot: Sweet Dreams
16 Mercyful Fate: Evil 2009

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