Yakuza is an avant-garde metal band, formed in Chicago in 1999. Using unusual instruments like the saxophone and clarinet, and incorporating free jazz, world music, and psychedelic music, Yakuza writes songs that are diverse and defy categorization. This Barking Chicken Production utilizes tracks from the last three albums: ‘Samsara’ (2006), ‘Transmutations’ (2007), and ‘Of Seismic Consequence’ (2010). This is a trip you should take.

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Yakuza – Stones & Bones
01 Exterminator
02 Egocide
03 Stones & Bones
04 Testing The Waters
05 Farewell To The Flesh
06 Perception Management
07 20 Bucks
08 Existence Into Oblivion
09 Be That As It May

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