Any discussion of the history of thrash must include Exodus. They were among a handful of bands that were in the delivery room when thrash was born, and, despite a few ups and downs through the years, are still an important part of the extreme metal scene. Whether you are old school or new school, Exodus 101 is a lesson in violence.

Exodus – Select Timeline
1980 – Exodus formed by guitarists Gary Holt and Kirk Hammett
1982 – Exodus includes Holt and Hammett on guitars, Paul Baloff on lead vocals, Jeff Andrews on bass and drummer Tom Hunting - this lineup records the band's ‘1982 Demo’
1983 – ‘Die By His Hand Demo’ released
1983 – Hammett leaves Exodus to join Metallica and is replaced by guitarist Rick Hunolt
1985 – ‘Bonded By Blood’ released
1986 – ‘Pleasures Of The Flesh Demo’ released with Baloff on vocals
1986 – Baloff is replaced by Steve "Zetro" Souza, vocalist for Legacy (which became Testament after his departure)
1987 – ‘Pleasures Of The Flesh’ released
1988 – ‘Fabulous Disaster’ released
1990 – ‘Impact Is Imminent’ released
1992 – ‘Force Of Habit’ released
1997 – Baloff rejoins Exodus and ‘Another Lesson In Violence’ live album released, but the band soon disintegrates
2001 – Exodus reforms again, initially to play the Chuck Billy benefit, the Thrash of the Titans concert
2002 – Baloff dies after suffering a seizure/stroke
2004 – ‘Tempo Of The Damned’ released with Souza on vocals
2005 – vocalist Rob Dukes replaces Souza - Hunolt is replaced by Heathen guitarist Lee Altus
2005 – ‘Shovel Headed Kill Machine’ released
2007 – ‘The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A’ released
2008 – ‘Bonded By Blood’ re-recorded with Dukes on vocals and released as ‘Let There Be Blood’
2010 – ‘Exhibit B: The Human Condition’ released
2010 – Exodus includes Holt and Altus on guitars, Dukes on lead vocals, Jack Gibson on bass and drummer Tom Hunting - this lineup will be playing soon at a theater near you

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Exodus - Funeral Hymns
01 Die By His Hand
02 A Lesson In Violence
03 And Then There Were None
04 Pleasures Of The Flesh
05 Brain Dead
06 Fabulous Disaster
07 Toxic Waltz
08 Only Death Decides
09 Feeding Time At The Zoo
10 Impaler
11 War Is My Shepherd
12 Raze
13 Funeral Hymn
14 Beyond The Pale
15 Hell’s Breath

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